The Digitalization of Prosthetics Is Transforming How Wounded Service Members and Veterans Recover

This is a very interesting article brought to our attention by our friends at Wings For Warriors.


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Are Female Military Veterans Under-Represented In The Apparel Industry?

Something that has been pointed out a few times when it comes to questions about the products we sell is “where are your female veteran merchandise?” The answer is never an easy one as we have a very small line that is female specific.

The real question is one that is asked in the title. Are women under-represented in the military apparel industry? After doing research I find the answer to be yes, especially in when it comes to big companies. I find more interesting and varied designs from Pinterest or Etsy for example. Most of what I come across for the military is very male oriented which it being the military is no surprise and isn’t detrimental or something that is wrong after all they are the larger demographic.

The problem is what can you make for women in the military that doesn’t showcase that they are women. Pink hats are a start but not every woman loves pink and I imagine those women in the military tend to shy away from traditionally girly colors and designs as well. What we’d like at US Honor is the chance to answer that question in some capacity.

Have an idea or know a design that our women that serve would be proud to wear? Let us know.

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Over the past few days Jan. 17th-19th was the ANME (Army Navy Military Expo) a place where all the different vendors that sell military inspired products gather to show new products.

Our CEO Aurelio Barreto, VP Andy Ramirez and Sales Manager Jason Neiswonger were there showing our latest shirt designs and best selling items. The US Honor booth was center stage along with other vendors like Death Dealer Tactical, Mr.Stuff and Coins For Anything. We talked to current customers/vendors along with many potential clients which made this a great show to be a part of.

On top of many interesting products and vendors we also got the opportunity to talk with the representatives of the different military branches which helps us keep all of our designs up to date with our licensing.

It was a great experience and we look forward to next year and more chances to showcase our products!

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The 4 Steps Of Our Design Process


Our new line of T-Shirts are here! Just like all the designs we have here there is a certain step by step thought process that goes into our products and designs. Here are the 4 fundamentals that we think about when designing a new line of product.


These shirts were all created with one fundamental goal in mind, comfort. With that in mind we worked hard to make sure that these shirts were made of either a soft 50/50 triblend fabric or 100% cotton fabric that feels soft to the touch and light on the body when worn. We want you to feel good when you wear something not only because of the design but because you enjoy wearing it.


Like everything here at US Honor we ensure the base product is of the highest quality because it is what we believe everyone deserves when they purchase something. After making sure we have product that not only looks and feels good to wear, we strive to make sure it is also something that will last. That means that everything fits, all of our licensed designs are 100% correct and that our embroidery on our hats are highly detailed and the prints for our shirts look good and last through all washes.


This one is probably one of the more tricky things when it comes to the design process. When creating the look of a hat or the artwork on a shirt there are so many different things to consider. Color of the hat. Does the artwork look good on that color? Placement of the artwork? Is it too busy looking? Or is it too plain? We strive to achieve that perfect balance of uniqueness with function when it comes to the art style. These shirts strike that balance with clean, clear designs that are unique but get their point across. Whether that be with our more basic and to the point Military Branch shirts or our more stylized originals like our Never Give Up design. We want you to have that WOW factor when someone sees you in our products.


Last but certainly not least is cost. With the lengths we go to ensure maximum comfort, high detail and unique style one of the things we are most proud of is providing these products at an affordable price range for everyone.

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The sounds of calculators beeping and brains sizzling can be heard all through out the building here at US Honor because it is that special time of year again, no not Christmas it is Inventory Day! The day where we count all the merchandise that we have in stock for our customers. As we bring in the New Year by counting the old, we want to know what everyone’s New Years Resolutions are! Leave a comment and tell us your plans for 2016!


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Our New Blog

Welcome to US Honor’s blog! A place to keep informed on our retail website as well as a place to honor our military and country. Visit our website to check out our products and make use of a promo deal we have going on until the 31st of December. Any order of $60 or more will receive a free wallet, just use the promo code FREEW and be sure to add the wallet into your cart. Wallet price does not count towards the $60 dollar amount so make sure you have the products you want first.

Thank you for supporting our US Military and stay tuned for more deals and topics for discussion!