Are Female Military Veterans Under-Represented In The Apparel Industry?

Something that has been pointed out a few times when it comes to questions about the products we sell is “where are your female veteran merchandise?” The answer is never an easy one as we have a very small line that is female specific.

The real question is one that is asked in the title. Are women under-represented in the military apparel industry? After doing research I find the answer to be yes, especially in when it comes to big companies. I find more interesting and varied designs from Pinterest or Etsy for example. Most of what I come across for the military is very male oriented which it being the military is no surprise and isn’t detrimental or something that is wrong after all they are the larger demographic.

The problem is what can you make for women in the military that doesn’t showcase that they are women. Pink hats are a start but not every woman loves pink and I imagine those women in the military tend to shy away from traditionally girly colors and designs as well. What we’d like at US Honor is the chance to answer that question in some capacity.

Have an idea or know a design that our women that serve would be proud to wear? Let us know.

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Author: US Honor

A military apparel company specializing in high quality head wear and apparel that honors our military and country.

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