Our New Blog

Welcome to US Honor’s blog! A place to keep informed on our retail website as well as a place to honor our military and country. Visit our website www.ushonor.com to check out our products and make use of a promo deal we have going on until the 31st of December. Any order of $60 or more will receive a free wallet, just use the promo code FREEW and be sure to add the wallet into your cart. Wallet price does not count towards the $60 dollar amount so make sure you have the products you want first.

Thank you for supporting our US Military and stay tuned for more deals and topics for discussion!


Author: US Honor

A military apparel company specializing in high quality head wear and apparel that honors our military and country.

2 thoughts on “Our New Blog”

    1. Hello, unfortunately we do not have any female specific merchandise other than our Pink line of hats for each branch. We do have hats for Vietnam Era veterans that are not necessarily gender specific. We always look forward to suggestions and would like to know what ideas you may have that would make for a more female inclined Vietnam Era style hat.


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